Fortunately the rain stayed away for the parade that started from the 1314 pub . It was a very successful march organised by Alistair MacPherson (SNP Councillor) that took the rear entrance into the battlefield owing to the National Trust for Scotland having a re-enactment on the field the same weekend!

Nevertheless there were hundreds marching to commemorate Robert the Bruce and his famous victory over the English in 1314. At the monument the Knights Templars led the ceremony with David Ross also giving a dose of patriotism that was fitting on such a day.

The evening's entertainment was at the Taratan Arms and was a fantastic night. Gaberlunzie were excellent, Albannach gave the best energetic performance I have ever seen and Ted ( better than Elvis ) Christopher was his normal brilliant self. Just one big blast!

The SNP lead the marchers away from the 1314 pub
There was a massive SnG turn out
The end of the procession and the start of the Commemoration
SnG flags and the Knights Templars starting the service
Brendan of Crann Tara piped the march & a patriotic David Ross giving his speech
A time for payers for the fallen

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