After our long journey south, a quick visit to our hotel in Mallow we headed off to Knocknanuss monument at Abrahams Cross where local man and Alasdair MacColla expert Dennis O?Donoghue met us.
He gave us a quick account of the battle and also explained how after Alasdair had surrendered, he was being taking away probably to be hung and stopped to drink at a well where he was shot through the head by a coward hiding in a bush, perhaps a better death than being hung by the English!

It was then onto Ballyheen where locals gathered at an old stone monument where some more speeches were made and Alex Calderhead and Davie Ross laid wreathes for Crann Tara and Siol nan Gaidheal.� The new Plaque commemorating Alasdair and the battle was also unveiled.

It was then onto Kilbrin where I had the pleasure of unveiling a plaque for Bishop Boetius MacEgan (a native of Kilbrin) executed by Parliament Forces in 1650.

After an excellent day it was onto the local community centre where a local singer Trevor played some music and then Ted Christopher played another brilliant performance where both locals and us Scots had a wonderful night!

A day I for one will probably never forget.

�By Alec Mowat

Plaque for the Battle of Knocknanuss
The plaque at the Battle of Knocknanuss
Dirks swords and targes round the monument
Denis O' Donoghue gives us a history lesson concerning the battle.
The Crann Tara group that travelled for this event

Unveiling the plaque for Alasdair McColla
Two young Irish coleens piping us to this venue
Local interest was very high
Our organiser Alex Calderhead & David Ross lay the wreaths
Denis gives a short speech
David Ross & Alex Calderhead unveil the plaque
A fantastic looking tribute
Unveiling the Bishops Plaque
Alec Mowat with help from a local unveil the plaque
Our group and some of the local residents pose for the camera

The locals had organised a buffet and entertainment for us in the community centre.
Denis is presented with a beautiful targe and frame by Crann Tara
The group with Denis
The Targe that was presented by Crann Tara made by Rab Cairney
Jim Singer talking to the locals
Ted accompanies one of the singers
Tam the guy that made us really welcome at the community centre
Looks like they are enjoying themselves
Ted with his Irish groupies
Ziggy ( Sweet cheeks) charms again.
Jim sings a song
Big Brian tries out the karaoke too
It is hard work this organising stuff !
Trevor sang magnificently
Young Irish Colleens have a soft spot for Ted
Willie John one of the locals enjoying himself
Young Alec enjoyed the company of the locals
It was just mental in Kilbrin
Rab & Juliette having a great time
What's this great expectations
Crann Tara Choir singing "I'm Coming Home"
The choir from a different angle

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� Crann Tara 2006