In a very warm and humid Aberdeen a group met at the Wallace Statue for our annual commemoration to Sir William Wallace.

Jim Singer opened the proceedings as the torches burned round the foot of the statue, Brian Johnson read out the prayer first in Latin then in English. As the ceremony unfolded there were many passers by that joined the rest of the group. Yet again David Ross gave a speech from the heart of true patriotism, his words were warmly received.

Who else but Ted Christopher and his marvellous song of I'm coming Home managed to attract even more passers by, as usual he sang the song from his Scottish heart.

The wreath was then laid by Crann Tara before Brian said the Lords Prayer and Ted finished off with what else but Scots Wha Hae.

We all then moved to the Rusty Nail where we were entertained by the formidable Ted Christopher. It was a great venue and Ted raised the roof with his marvellous repetoire.

Everyone enjoyed the fantastic evening although it was hard to find the stragglers for the bus back down to Stonehaven.

Wallace Monument Aberdeen
Jim Singer starts the proceedings
Brian Johnson reads the prayer
Some of the participants
SNG members in abundance
More of the spectators
David Ross addressing the audience
Ted Christopher sings "I'm Coming Home "
A pair of growlers !
Trying to get a better view of Ted
The fantastic Ted Christopher
Just to keep him happy Ted's roady Ziggy
It was a great night in the Rusty Nail
Someone needs to be excused !

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� Crann Tara 2006