FAQ on Joining, Supporting and Business Promotion

As stated on the home page basically anyone can join Crann Tara who has Scotland’s best interest at heart. What more could be asked for?
Being based in Scotland does have its difficulties, especially for those who stay in different parts of the world. For example it may seem that you being so far away you would not be able to take an active part in Crann Tara and feel it pointless even becoming a member or otherwise being involved well read on.

Alternative ways to be involved if you are Ex Patriots, or have Scottish Roots or even links to Scotland in some other way through ancestry etc, or just want to be involved with some thing of the real Scotland.
As Crann Tara is based in Scotland, you may feel it unnecessary in becoming a member if you reside out with the country as you probably feel you could not be actively involved, WRONG!! There are other ways in which you can become involved, perhaps you are part of a Clan group or Society, or even involved with something which is related to Scotland or Scottishness in some other way, whatever the case Crann Tara have on the website a links page and are always looking for good links or support with like minded people. We also have a page for business promotion, with the revenues being used to advance the progress of Crann Tara with their aims and objectives. By becoming involved with Crann Tara we hope that this will create closer bonds and friendships across the seas and giving you a link with the real Scotland as well.
Details at the foot of the page give assistance to the relevant person to contact.

Business Promotions
As Crann Tara are concerned in the preserving of the history, culture and heritage of Scotland we would ideally like to only promote businesses who are similar to this cause. Realistically we know that businesses of this kind are few and far between, so our horizons stretch to a far broader scale to that of businesses who are linked to or at least believe in what we are doing.
The promotion of business doesn't neccessarily even need to have the boundaries of being Scottish based, with the availability of internet access the world is open to all. So if you would like to promote your business on our Business Promotions Page, please contact the Treasurer to discuss the matter further, details can be found below.

Joining the Group
There are two different types of membership
1/ A single adult membership where the person is over the age of 16
2/ A Family membership, where there are more than one adults over the age of 16 from the same family with or without children under the age of 16. Single parents are also included.
Please make sure you fill in the correct form when applying for membership as this will only delay the process.

There are also a few requirements that are needed before you can become a member!!!

1/ We require that you read the Rules and Regulations and the Constitution carefully and that you fully understand them before going any further. This will ensure that you are quite happy with Crann Tara and that it is the kind of group you would want to join.

2/ If you are completely happy with what you have read then go to the page where the application form is and print it off and fill it in accordingly [ for those who are unable to print the documents off, contact the secretary and they can be sent by post.]. The document also includes a declaration that you have read and understood the Rules and Regulation as well as the Constitution.
Before sending the form to the secretary remember to enclose the membership fee, cheques or postal orders being made payable to ‘Crann Tara’ , as well as the appropriate photographs.
A passport size photograph is also required for each member on the application form, only 1 each is required whether this is done electronically or done by the normal method of posting. These are for your membership card, which will be sent out in due course.
A choice of colour of membership wallet is also given and the box on the membership form should be chosen with your preference.
If you have any questions about filling in your membership application please contact the secretary and assistance will be given. See the relevant pages associated with membership.


For any business relating to the activities of Crann Tara, membership, events, questions about the group and links.

For any business relating to sponsorship, business promotion
The Treasurer :

For any business relating to the shop, whole sale goods, merchandise for sale or any other business dealings.
The Shop Manager :

Any other business which is not covered by the above will be dealt with by the Secretary until further notice, contact details for going through the proper channels are above. The majority of business is dealt with and decided by committee so expect a few days for the procedure to take effect on most business matters.


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