After a damp kind of start to the day the sun broke through mid morning to bathe all the spectators and competitors alike in glorious sunshine. Aboyne game’s is held in the Green in the centre of Aboyne surrounded by probably one of the best settings in Scotland for such an event, if it is not hills you see it is the fabulous granite buildings and church spire which immediately surround the park.
This year’s event was dubbed the most traditional in Scotland, boasting more than 90 events. The overseas tent recorded visitors from over 20 different countries which included the likes of America, Australia, Afghanistan, Bermuda, England, Nepal, New Zealand, Poland and South Africa. Organisers counted more than 9000 spectators coming through the gates and said that there was quite a high contingent of French due to the village being recently being twinned with Martignas-sur-Jalle. Our own tent saw a lot of foreign visitors as well all interested in what we had to display.
The Aboyne games is always a well attended event, with plenty of tartan on display and this year was no exception although there were not as many pipe bands as normal but I expect this was due to a pipe fest being held in Edinburgh on the same day where 4200 players played in aid of the Marie Curie charity.
Credit to the organisers of this year’s event for making the day as traditional as possible creating a brilliant atmosphere not just on the field events, but the various display and trade tents which were in keeping with the surroundings.
Although events like this are always great to attend between meeting folk from all over the world and educating our own people, its far different being part of the games than being a spectator as it can be tiring work, so it is aye great when things are packed up at the end of the day and put your feet up. Even leaving the Green in Aboyne after 6pm there were throngs of people still lingering about socialising with the odd piper firing up the pipes for a few tunes. If this year was anything to go by, look forward to next year.

It is not customary to publically thank our own members for their efforts towards an event, but as Secretary I would like to take the opportunity to do so, because I think it is well warranted again on this occasion for making the day such a great success.

Piobaireachd Junior, open - James McPetrie
March, open - Alan Russell
Strathspey and Reel, open - Alan Russell
Piobaireachd, open - Ewan MacCrimon
March U14, open - Callum Brown
Marches , local - James McPetrie
Strathspey and Reel , local - James McPetrie
March, Strathspey and Reel U18 , open - Andrew Clark
March, Strathspey and Reel U18 , local - Andrew Clark
Hornpipe and Jig, open - Simon McKenna
Field Events
Glenfiddich Event, age 18-25 Light Stone 16lb - Lorne Colthart. Weight by ring 28lb - Lorne Colthart. Light Hammer 16lb - Grant Sinclair Caber - Lorne Colthart. Weight over bar 40lb - Lorne Colthart.
Putting Light Stone, local - Craig Sinclair
28lb Weight by ring, local - Grant Sinclair
Throwing Light Hammer, local - Grant Sinclair
Throwing Caber, local - Craig Sinclair
Putting Heavy Stone, open - Gregor Edmunds and Scott Rider
Putting Light Stone 16lb, open - Dominiiz Zielinski
Throwing Heavy Hammer 22lb, open - Bruce Aitken
Throwing weight by ring, open - Wenta Sebastian
Throwing Light Hammer, open - Bruce Aitken
Tug o war 114.5 stone, open - Elgin
Throwing 28lb Weight by ring, open - Scott Rider
56lb Weight over Bar, open - Wenta Sebastian
Tossing Caber, open - Scott Rider
Local Youth Championships
220y Boys 13,14,15 - Brad Arthur. 220y Girls 13,14,16 - Coralie Arthur
Half mile, boys 13,14,15 - Hamish Ritchie. Half mile, girls 13,14,15 - Browyn Mathhews
100 Yards, open - Calum Innes
100y Boys 13,14,15 - Greggor Young. Girls 13,14,16 - Coralie Arthur
Open Boys and Girls 4,5,6 - William Farquarson. Open Boys and Girls 7,8,9 - Craig Strachan. Open Boys and Girls 10,11,12 - Ned Newman. Open Boys and Girls 13,14,15 - Milo Newman
Long Leap, local - Fraser Davidson.
Long Leap, open - Fraser Davidson
220y race, local - Fraser Davidson
Half mile race, local - Matthew Sullivan
Hop, Step and Leap, open - Allan Smith
Long race (One Mile), open - Matthew Sullivan
Short race 220y, open - Calum Innes
Running high leap - , open Allan Smith
Half mile race, open - Fraser Davidson/Matthew Sullivan
Hill race - Vanotii Enzo
440y race, open - Calum Innes
Relay race, inter academy - Banchory Academy
Sack race, open - Coralie Arthur
Highland Fling , local U9 - Mhari Welsh. Local 10,11,12 - Alicia Dinnie. Local 13,14,15 - Kirsty Florence
Sword Dance , local U9 - Mhari Welsh. Local 10,11,12 - Alicia Dinnie. Local 13,14,15 - Kirsty Florence
Sean Triubhas, local U9 - Mhari Welsh. Local 10,11,12 - Rachael Taylor. Local 13,14,15 - Danielle Dinnie
Highland Fling , local 16+ - Anne Marshall
Sean Triubhas, local 16+ - Suzanne Munro
Sword Dance, local 16+ - Anne Marshall
Flora MacDonald’s Fancy, local 16+ - Ailidh Nealgrove
Half Reel of Tulloch, local 10,11,12y - Rachael Taylor
Flora MacDonald’s Fancy, local 13,14,15 - Danielle Dinnie
Sailors Hornpipe, local 13,14,15 - Danielle Dinnie
Irish Jig, local 13,14,15 - Kirsty Florence
Highland Reels, open 16+ - Laura Smith
Highland Fling, open 16+ - Darra Wood
Sword Dance, open 16+ - Rachael Walker
Flora MacDonald’s Fancy, open 16+ - Laura Smith
Highland Fling, open U9 - Cameron Walker
Highland Fling, open 10,11,12 - Kirsty McNeill
Highland Fling, open 13,14,15 - Rebecca Smith
Sword Dance, open U9 - Cameron Walker
Sword Dance, open 10,11,12 - Airlie McIntyre
Sword Dance, open 13,14,15 - Rebecca Smith
Sean Triubhas, open U9 - Cameron Walker. Open 10,11,12 - Airlie McIntyre. Open 13,14,15 - Anthea Bundy
Irish Jig , local 16+ - Ailidh Nealgrove
Hornpipe , local 16+ - Ailidh Nealgrove
Half Reel of Tulloch , open 10,11,12 - Kirsty McNeill. Open 13,14,15 - Anthea Bundy
Flora MacDonald’s Fancy, open 13,14,15 - Anthea Bundy
Sean Triubhas, open 16+ - Laura Smith
Sailors Hornpipe, open 13,14,15 - Rebecca Smith
Irish Jig, open 13,14,15 - Anthea Bundy
Sailors Hornpipe, open 16+ - Laura Smith
Irish Jig, open 16+ - Duncan Slessor
Any three Scottish tunes U15 , open - George Davidson
March, Strathspey and Reel, local competition, open - Heather Anderson
Slow Air, March, Strathspey and Reel, open 16+ - David Anderso



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