�The 6th of April started like a winters day with lying snow on the roads and snow falling from the heavens, but by the time the commemoration for the signing of the Declaration of Arbroath got under way a blue sky & windswept Abbey greeted the couple of hundred people mustered here for the day. After a good look at the majestic red ruin of Arbroath Abbey, we mustered at the fishing harbour at 2pm. 2 Pipers, Tam and Jim, preceeded the marchers on the Dundee Rd and the Pollock Thorniebank flute and drums band travelled from Glasgow to close the march. The procession slowed and stopped traffic as we made our way to the Statue of Bernard (Abbot of Montrose) and King Robert the Bruce, both holding one side of the Declaration document up-high. This statue situated at the southern entrance of the Town is by David Annand and was erected in 2001. Everyone present was there to commemorate the universal value of FREEDOM.

Declaration Statue Arbroath

A representative of Solidarity reminded everyone about the importance of an Independent Scotland capable of deciding her own social improvement measures and of a wealth owned by the people of Scotland. CND was present, a moving reminder of the militarising of Scotland against the wish of her people. Bruce Ogilvie spoke about the Save Our Saltire campaign and how this Flag is our Heritage and has to be looked after, guarded and saved for every-one of us. Some very welcome refreshment and a buffet awaited in the Plough were a fundraising Raffles was held, (still didn?t win anything) and an open mike entertainment was available for our bravest patriots.
�Thank you to everyone who supported today as Freedom is never granted; it is painstakingly earned.

Juliette Cairney

Arbroath Abbey
Declaration of Arbroath Statue
Some of the marchers
Listening to the Speeches
Jim Singer piping in front of the Statue
Bruce Ogilvie reads a speech about the SOS Campaign

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� Crann Tara 2006