01-12-2007 CRANN TARA PERSONALITY of the YEAR 2007


This being the first year, in which this award has been presented by Crann Tara, makes the award even more special.
This year’s winner of the award was chosen from numerous potential candidates, all who had shown everything that was deemed essential and necessary in all aspects of promoting Scotland to be included in the running for the award. The final decision to who should receive this year’s award was not taken lightly, but in the end it was decided that one individual in particular stood out above the rest.

David R Ross

Accomplished author and historian
David was chosen for the award for his efforts and achievements in promoting Scotland both home and abroad.

David R Ross was born for a love of Scotland. Since boyhood he has been fascinated with the history and geography of his native soil. David travels far and wide researching and discovering historic sites for his books on his beloved motorcycle, which has given him the title of the Biker Historian.  Through his publications, David has brought to life Scotland’s most historic icons such as Bruce, Wallace and Douglas to the people.
Besides his writing David promotes Scotland with talks and slide shows more often than not with no fee. David is a regular contributor to many magazines’ both in Scotland and for ex pat Scots abroad. He regularly appears on television and radio, often appearing on the History and Discovery Channels, both here and North America. As convenor of the Society of William Wallace, David has become well known as a public speaker, he has been the orator at many commemorations and he says he is humbled to say a few words on the spots where many of Scotland’s greatest events took place.

He works tirelessly to promote Scotland, not only to visitors, but also to Scots themselves in hope that they will have a better understanding of her past which, he hopes will prepare them for road ahead into her future.

Prior to 2005 he had worked relentlessly on organising a commemoration to William Wallace, an event which would see thousands walk through the streets of London to Wallace’s place of execution, Smithfield Market. David himself walked from Robroyston near Glasgow, to Smithfield, London as a symbol of Wallace’s endeavour.
Wee Rab and Jim Singer present the Targe to David Ross
A pensive David listening to the speeches prior to his presentation.

This whole event was iconic in itself, by bringing thousands together, in a time when the Scottish Executive had done nothing at all to commemorate one of Scotland’s greatest heroes.
Although Wallace’s life ended at Smithfield Market in London and his body distributed to various parts of the country. David took Wallace’s life one step further. He took into consideration that Wallace had no resting place after he had been brutally murdered in a foreign place, so he took it upon himself to instigate a further commemoration, which would see the “Spirit” of Wallace being taken back to his homeland. This would result in a ceremony in Lanark which would be recognised all over the world. David had not only brought the people of Scotland together, but like the film Braveheart, had brought the name of William Wallace to the world stage. David had done something that the Scottish Executive had not been able to do, of course the executive at the time didn’t want to promote such Scottish icons as they thought it would breed or raise Scottish nationalism.
David is a proud and passionate patriot, who is not afraid to state his opinion something that so many people are afraid to do in today’s society.

David sits back and admires this Targe masterpiece
Christine shows off the beautiful Targe

Having recognised David as a true, loyal, proud and passionate patriot and nationalist of Scotland, Crann Tara was proud to present the special targe as the first ever personality award, with personally embossed icons which related to David. David gave a short speech on receiving the award with heart felt sentiments and gladly accepted it from Crann Tara.

This Targe was created and made by Rab the Targemaker visit his web site CLICK HERE



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