Although overcast, the rain stayed away from the many marchers who joined in the rally organised by Alasdair MacPherson of the SNP to commemorate this historic battle.
It was good to see a well represented contingent of the many Scottish cultural groups on what is a very important date in Scottish history.
At the rotunda wreaths were laid on behalf of the SNP, Knights Templar� and the cultural groups. Thereafter there were rousing speeches made by Bruce Crawford, Mike Russell and Nicola Sturgeon, who apologised for the absence of Alex Salmond.
The evening?s entertainment, in the Tartan Arms, was provided by Gaberlunzie, Clanedonia The Tartan Specials and Ted Christopher.
It was the great end to a great day.

By Kate and Mike Smith

The pipe band lead the march
It was a massive turnout
They kept coming
Not only groups but families too
Babies and children too
The weather stayed dry
many flags on view
Crann Tara contingent
Impressive Siol turnout
Crann Tara flag with Siol flags
Siol on guard
Nicola Sturgeon lays wreath
An impressive Siol turnout
The flags were waved from every direction
Amber & Lachlan do the march too
Deputy First Minister's speech
Alec waving the flag
The Crann Tara flag held by Alec
Specially flown in for the event
Siol members enjoying themselves
The place was bouncing
Happy faces
Dirks aloft
Kate with Kenny & Steve from the Tartan Specials
Rab doing his dirk dance
Testing his sharp blade

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� Crann Tara 2006