Glen Wood his own wee protest at Robroyston 24th April 2009

When ask how he felt about whats happening he said: "sad".

Glen was really upset at the state of the monument and decided to do something about it, as you can see from the pictures young Glen decided to mount a one man private protest!!!

If this is a wee sign of what our kids are like then it makes me very optimistic for the future. Absolutely fantastic work Glen, we're so very very proud of you as would William Wallace be, keep up the good work.


The Wallace Monument in Robroyston Glasgow has been in a delapadated state for a number of years now. Also there is a not a signpost in the vicinity to guide people towards this historical monument.

Wallace had been betrayed by a fellow Scot and captured at Robroyston in Glasgow, the site now marked by a memorial in the shape of a large Celtic cross, and nearby is the place where we believe Wallace had his last drink as a free man-Wallace's Well.

It is great to see the younger generation taking this on board, and to remember that they are the ones that will carry our history on in the future. Well done Glen !


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