29-06-2009 Swords,dirks and other pointy things!

 Whilst agreeing that the above items are part of the traditional highland dress and we would have no wish to ban them entirely, we, the undersigned, agree that we have to take a responsible stance on the wearing and display of these weapons.

In our role in educating the young generation of Scots we have to make very clear the historical aspect as opposed to being "tooled up". We cannot be seen in any way to be glorifying the knife carrying culture which is sadly blighting our society.

It has to be said that although blades have never been drawn in anger at any of our events we are very aware of the possibility of an accident, especially in confined spaces. With safety the paramount consideration, we have decided that  with immediate effect we can no longer allow blades to be carried at indoor events. We acknowledge that these functions often immediately follow commemorations when traditional weaponry will be worn, but believe it  shouldn't prove too much of an inconvenience to lock them safely in a vehicle during the social festivities.

For Scotland,


Crann Tara
The Society of William Wallace
Ted Christopher and Bannockburn
Strathleven Artizans
Siol nan Gaidheal
Paisley Tartan Army




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