09-05-2011 Unveiling of the Robert the Bruce Statue in Aberdeen

This was an icon which was long over due in Aberdeen. Ever since our bringing of the idea through campaigning of the public in the late 90?s and making the public awareness of the associated common good fund and the council intervention the erection of a Bruce Statue has came to its fruition.

Although the unveiling was not very well publicised there was still a good crowd in attendance. The newly erected statue stands proud in the concourse of what will be the new council building headquarters the Marischal College with its grand fa�ade. The fabulous bronze sculptured image of the Bruce by Alan Beattie Heriot is seen holding up the document of the Charter which he granted to the common people of Aberdeen for lands in Aberdeen marked by a boundary of Stone markers, some of which still remain noticeable today. The statue stands on a granite plinth, a very hard material which is well renowned in Aberdeen and which the city is often referred to ?The Granite City?

Keep an eye on our events page as Crann Tara will be organising events in the future which will be associated with the Bruce in Aberdeen.

James Singer

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