15 - 09 - 2007 LUTHERMUIR RALLY

Luthermuir Saints and Sinners MMC

12th Time aroon Bike Rally

14 th �16 th September 2007

Luthermuir, quite a remote, sedate and usually quiet location in Aberdeenshire, but through the wind and rain of this autumn day in a massive playing field behind the Village Hall the sound of engines of motorcycles filled the air. The event in question is a bike rally organised by Scottish Bike Club the Saints and Sinners. This may sound an unusual event for a group like Crann Tara to be involved in, but actually the diversity of it all is quite brilliant. Although this is the 12 th time aroon!! for the bike club organising the event, it is only the second time for us, attending by kind invitation, and an event, which we would much like to attend next year.

This year's event had an even bigger turn out than last year, both in trade tents and people attending. Although the event covered a few days we only did the Saturday this time, by showing some weapons, doing a wee display and selling our wares. Although it wasn't the best of days for weather, it did not detract from the day. During the showers people could browse the trade tents and in the fine periods were entertained by our selves Crann Tara, Clann An Drumma and could even take part in Axe Throwing. As of course it was a bike rally, there were various sizes and styles of motor bikes, trikes and choppers on display, some which had been fabulously air brushed with imaginative designs on them, some which had been engineered from scratch, all of which would seduce and entice any bike enthusiast.

Anyway amongst everything that was going on we did a wee weapons display, for some reason weapons seem to be a great attraction for biker's!!!

To attract everyone's attention Kenny Borthwick fired his pistol in Kenny fashion, with an extra load of powder down the barrel!! A large crowd gathered and Jim Singer opened proceeding's, carrying on with Jim and Rab Cairney talking about some of the weapons. We had a bit of a caper around with a couple of female bikers,as you do, with a couple of wee tricks, which included dirk throwing and musket firing. All was well received to a tremendous roar of approval at the end, then everyone was invited to see, touch and have their photographs taken with the weapons.

The entertainment moved on towards Village Hall in the evening, this was to host a varied selection of entertainers, Leather and Beer, Buck Rogers and Ted Christopher as well as a varied selection of music, from Rock to Punk to Scottish. The music seemed a bit loud at times, but that was either me getting older or just forgetting what I had experienced in earlier life!!! In all it was a great night. Presentations of swords were given by the Saints and Sinners in their own style, by a Red Devil, a Minister and 6 women devils all body painted in red from head to toe, making everyone else the same colour who they came in contact with. The Swords were presented to those who had bike related achievements attached to the event. To name a few, the best design of paint job on their bike and best engineered bike, to two victims of tales of woe for the event, one who�s bike had broken down on the M74, but not to be deterred, arrived sitting on his bike on the back of a car transporter. The other, a couple who got themselves lost, circling a location numerous times some 60 miles away.

Ted Christopher closed the night and our Rab, to the tune Killiecrankie, was invited to do his Dirk dance on the stage by some of the S and S who had previously seen him do it at Tomatin. Ted did escape any sort of injury, as Rab managed to keep the Dirk in his hand this time!!

It is quite funny in a peculiar sort of way, because of the lay out and everything that is going on during the event, it is almost exactly like a highland games, but in biker style. It is a family affair, with kids free to run around and play with no fear of harm, it is a very friendly atmosphere that many people may not think or consider to be associated with a motor bike group, perhaps by stereotyping them in an other way.

We in Crann Tara, thank the Saints and Sinners for their great hospitality received, which we respect in the highest regard and praise them for their professional organisation of the entire event.

See the Saints and Sinners website on our links page for more on the event.

By Jim Singer

The Crann Tara marquee was on site at Luthermuir
Rab the Targe Maker shows off his work in the marquee
Kenny fires his pistol to start the weapons display
The crowds begin to gather whilst Jim Singer talks
The weapons display was very well recieved
A volunteer for the dirk throwing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The look of amazement as she sees how close the dirks were
Kenny Borthwick the best muskat shooter in Scotland
He was aiming for the beret but missed and shot poor Rab in the foot
There were plenty of motorbikes on displsy
There were some beautiful bikes
The motrobike posing, don't know what the other two are doing there
What are these 3 devils doing
It was very busy in the hall
A presentation with the minister and the devil
The crowd enjoy Ted Christopher
Christine & Rab ballroom dancing
Ted woos the crowd again
Saints and Sinners sing all the patriotic songs
Is Ted doing the toilet or playing the guitar ?
The Dirk dancer
Wee Rab doing the dirk dance accompanied by Ted Christopher

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� Crann Tara 2006