On Saturday, a few keen patriots paid their respect to the five men of Moy by walking 6 miles across the moors partly on an old military road then across the heather. Fifteen hundred government troops were determined to capture Charles Edward Stuart and engaged any Jacobites that they may found; instead the canny and brave five men of Moy routed the redcoat soldiers on the 17 February 1746.

To help us on our way a wee dram was kindly given by Donald MacCaskill. The march began, Jim singer, the Crann Tara Piper led us and in true tradition young Connor quickly set the pace for us all. On this march you can get a real feel of how it might have felt back then traversing the moorland, crossing burns, negotiating marshlands and that?s just how Highlanders would have travelled then. No buses, no trains just strang legs.

�Men, women and children took part and a local resident gave half way through some legendary Scottish hospitality to the marchers with cake and refreshments for all.

The organisers at the finish laid out a plentifull spread. This is the spot where local stonemasons built a beautifull memorial cairn. David R. Ross gave the crowd a few historical facts and praised the five men of Moy for their bravery and resourcefulness and none other than one of the proud stonemasons who worked on the project said a few words as well highlighting the Craft and Culture found in the Highlands. The marchers then, were ferried back to the Tomatin-Inn for the evening entertainments.

By Rab Cairney

Shona drinking in stereo
Cowgirl Christine
Young and old take part
Wee Rab enjoying the atmosphere as usual
The MacDonalds prepare for the march
Pre march drinks and banter

Big B enjoying some Tomatin water

Rusty leads her march
Jim Singer pipes them away
Wee Rab leads the way
There were a lot of women taking part plus Oor Mhoirbheinn !
Many locals participated too
Juliette is supposed to be listening
Th e marchers listen to the speeches
Listening to David Ross's enthralling speech
There were a few tired legs after the march
David Ross at the Rout of Moy Cairn

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� Crann Tara 2006