�1230 was raised at the Scottish Charity Night for the Schiehallion Ward at Yorkhill Hospital, thanks to Ted Christopher and Albannach.

Crann Tara organised a Scottish Night for Charity to raise money for the Schiehallion Ward of Yorkhill Sick Children's Hospital in Glasgow, on Saturday 17th February 2007.
Crann Tara, raised �1230 for the ward and thanks to everyone who contributed. It was a fantastic evening and by all accounts, everyone enjoyed themselves. We had food in abundance with Chalmers Bakery Aberdeen sending us sausage rolls and pies, and many others donated sandwiches. Just one question though to Jamesie of Albannach "who ate all the pies"?
We were amazed by the amount of prizes donated to the raffle, and the donations came from everywhere.
The music was as normal 'phenomenal', with the fantastic Ted Christopher, who can wind up any audience using his wide repertoire of songs.� We also had the sensational Albannach who play their own brand of tribal music very loudly. It was absolutely mental on the dance floor with all ages up doing their bit. Crann Tara are extremely grateful to have two class acts they can rely on for performing at this gig. It is fantastic to think that all these musicians played for expenses only. Crann Tara has decided that due to the huge success of the night,�we will�make this dance an annual event. The two bands have agreed to return for us next year, with the same expenses deal on offer.
Two Crann Tara members went out shopping on Sunday morning,�and spent some of the money raised at the event. They purchased two Playstation 2 consoles and two Digi boxes. Then turned�their attention to the vast amount of�software for these games. Unfortunately, we could not order the Nintendo Wii's that the children asked for, because�they are no longer being sent out to the distributors. Crann Tara, members are to meet with the Playgroup leader and discuss what�other equipment�is required in the ward.�
Sunday afternoon Douglas Evans & David Murdoch, from Crann Tara went to the Schiehallion ward, to deliver�the goods they had purchased that morning. Seeing the children in this ward makes you realise how lucky we are to be healthy. It is a humbling experience to see the way children, and their parents cope with this traumatic event in their life.
Below is a photo we took including, Douglas, the staff, and a patient with her mother.

This is what we purchased for the Sciehallion Ward

On Tuesday, Christine and David Murdoch from Crann Tara went shopping to the Early Learning Centre. They purchased many of the items suggested by the ward, to help their young patients. On the shopping expedition, they managed to acquire goods totalling �825. How did they achieve this magnificent figure when they only had �670 in cash, they achieved the total by asking for a discount, and were awarded 20% off everything they purchased. This was a fantastic gesture on behalf of the Early learning Centre and Crann Tara thank them for their generosity.

Whilst the two members were browsing and choosing the various toys, a woman customer came and handed them another �10, when she found out it was for a children's charity. In the photographs below, you can see the all the toys and equipment they managed to acquire with your money. Terry the Playgroup Leader was very happy, and went on to explain that some of the children are in the ward for a long time and can now say to their family and friends; �come and see this, it's brand new�. Looking at young Josephs face in the picture below, you can see the pure amazement at all the toys on offer. Joseph after much deliberation picked the Tower of Doom and was away back to his room as quickly as possible. This was to let his daddy build it for him in record time. The two Crann Tara members said it was great to be able to cheer these children up a wee bit, and see the excitement on their faces at the prospect of having new toys. Thanks again for all the donations from members and the public who made the purchasing of these toys and other equipment possible.

Young Joseph with his dad, male nurse Andrew and playgroup leader Terry with the toys you all bought.


Where your money is going - SCHIEHALLION WARD

There are two Laminair airflow cubicles for Bone Marrow Transplant in the ward.

Schiehallion Ward is a 22 -bedded Haematology/Oncology unit. Bone Marrow Transplant Centre. They also treat children with other blood disorders including Haemophilia, Thalassaemia, Sickle Cell Disease and many more.

Shiehallion Ward was purpose built in 1996 to meet the needs of an increasing client group.

In Schiehallion they believe in emphasising a familycentered approach to care, by involving the parents/guardians in the planning and delivering of the childs care.


Crann Tara have been in touch with the ward and spoken with Linda & Terry that are in charge of the playgroup. They have asked the children what they would like to have to help them through this period of their illness, and the children would like Nintendo Wii and Playstation2 with Digi Boxes. Seemingly the new Nintendo Wii is great, as it will be an aid to the staff for getting the children out of bed and using this console. The children are often bed ridden for a long time so anything is helpful in their recovery.

So let us surpass this �1230 milestone and make the gig in 2008 even more charitable for these children.


Crann Tara's new banner
The shop and the shopkeeper working hard
David Ross swinging away
There was a fantastic atmosphere
Our patriotic raffle ticket seller
Albannach has them jumping around
Kyle from Albannach working hard and the dancers on the floor
The dancers enjoying the music from the talented Ted Christopher
Come on girls get up and dance
More happy smiling faces
David Ross conducting Ted
the audience listening to Ted Christopher
Joining in with the swing of things
Dancing was for all ages
Albannach raise the roof again


Ted Christopher

Playing for expenses only


Playing for expenses only - Bottle of Whisky

Chalmers Bakery, Aberdeen

Pastries for supper

Bennets Stores, Saracen St, Glasgow

Ladies & Gents watch set

Morrison Balmore Distillers Ltd, Carlisle St, Springburn

2 Bottles of Auchentoshan Single Malt Whisky
Soapworks ( Bodyshop ), Coltness street, Queenslie Ind Est, Glasgow

3 BodyShop cosmetic gift packs.
Oregano Restaurant, 2 Hilton Rd, Bishopbriggs, Glasgow

Bottle of Rose' Champagne

High Spirits, Mobile Bar, Bearsden Glasgow

1 Ltr Whisky

Jaquelline Young & Family - Mungo Foundation

Various Prizes

Caroline & Irene - Mungo Foundation

Various Prizes

Jennifer Fairhurst

Various Prizes

Crann Tara Members

Various Prizes

Clare McColl

Various Prizes

Iain McLarnon

Various Prizes

Heather Ross

Various Prizes

Isobel Rogerson

Various Prizes

Jim & May Gill

Various Prizes

Crann Tara are grateful for all these donations and all the food everyone brought along..
Thanks also to The Early Learning Centre, Parkead Forge and PC World Finnieston for their great discounts.

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� Crann Tara 2006