Duncan Brown played the pipes to start the proceedings of the Stirling Bridge Commemoration itwas held under beautiful clear skies, the warm humid evening was more than welcome for this event.

Members of various groups took part and arrived at the side of the bridge where Ted Christopher opened the speeches with his usual patriotic compassion, being a Stirling lad himself he realises how important it is to make this event a success, unfortunately the local council don't help at all to promote in any way or means. Duncan Fenton the deputy convener of the Wallace Society gave a speech telling all about the battle and the hardships that both sides encountered. There were wreaths laid by Ziggy Wilson and Duncan Fenton for the Wallace Society and various others laid flowers in respect to the fallen.

Duncan Brown played a lament to close the proceedings.

Then we had a great night at Stirling Rugby Club with Clanadonia and the supreme Ted Christopher and the Bannockburn Band who had the whole crowd on their feet to many of the songs and dances they performed.

By David Murdoch


Plaque depicting the Battle of Stirling Bridge
Duncan Brown played the bagpipes
Some of the crowd
Some of the Crann Tara contingent
Enjoying Ted's music
Barbara mesmerised by Ted
Some of the punters
Enjoying the dancing
Rab doing the Dirk Dance
Time for a hug

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� Crann Tara 2006