At the outset it looked like bleak weather for the march to Dunnottar however about an hour before the start the sky cleared and the sun came out. The march was headed by the Ballater and District pipe band �and when the pipes struck up marchers seemed to come from nowhere and the numbers were soon swelled. The march followed its usual route through Stonehaven and locals and tourists stopped to see what was going on,even the town hall looked good with the Scottish flag flying specially for the march. The pipe band broke off at the bottom of the Bervie Braes and the march carried on up the brae led by the bionic piper Skirlie who seemed to make it his personal quest to play all the way to the top, and he done it. The march met the pipe band again at the castle and the band led the march to the clifftop before being given a rousing round of applause. The speeches were moving and remembered not only Wallace but all patriots who had served Scotland, reference was also made to Wallace's connection with the castle and the importance of remembering him at all times. In the evening the focus moved to the town hall and Gaberlunzie and Albannach both provided a brilliant evenings entertainment. Gaberlunzie never fail to impress and Albannach just seem to be going from strength to strength. Thanks to all who took part and let us never forget The Patriot Sir William Wallace.
VIDEO Gaberlunzie in Stonehaven CLICK HERE

VIDEO Albannach in Stonehaven CLICK HERE kindly donated by Alex Calderhead of Highland Images
Jamesie of Albannach said "t This was the best gig ever"

Commemoration marches through Stonehaven
More marchers in Stonehaven village
The march on its way to Dunnotar Castle
The marchers applaud the pipe band at Dunnotar Castle
Crann Tara members at Dunnotar Castle
More fantastic images of the Crann Tara lads
Marchers being piped down the stairs
Speaches were held at the foot of the castle
This was an unbelievable night of entertainment by Gaberlunzie & Albannach
Some people suffered after the strain of a great night
Jacquie & Jamesie from Albannach after their gig in Stonehaven



Date : 21.08.06

More than 200 people gathered in Stonehaven at the weekend to take part in an annual march to commemorate the life of William Wallace.

Ballater and District Pipe Band led the procession through the town centre on Saturday afternoon to Dunnottar Castle, which was captured by the Scottish patriot before his victory at the Battle of Stirling Bridge.

The rally marked the 701st anniversary of Wallace's execution on August 23, 1305.

Organisers of Stonehaven's Wallace celebrations, which are now in their 26th year, said that they have been especially pleased with attendance in the last two years.

Jim Singer, of Crann Tara, which organises Wallace events throughout the world, said that both the march and concert featuring Gaberlunzie and Albannach attracted many tourists as well as locals.

He said: "The weekend went extremely well, particularly at night.

"The concert was in the town hall and we actually needed more room because it was attended by a big number of tourists.

"This was the 26th year and it has been growing ever since it began. In the last couple of years we have changed things slightly and taken a different approach to try to attract more tourists.

"People were trying to get accommodation in Stonehaven at the tourist office but everywhere was fully booked, which can only be a good thing for the north-east."

The weekend of celebration began with a wreath-laying ceremony and torchlight service at the Wallace statue in Aberdeen on Friday evening.

Scots author and historian David Ross returned from a promotional tour of Canada especially to give a talk on the life and times of Wallace following the ceremony.

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