The Wallace commemorations in Stonehaven, organised by Brendan McCabe, were well attended despite grey skies. The procession set off from the Leisure Centre, led by the Brechin pipe band, down Main Street then the band left us to climb the hill towards Dunnotar. With �Crann Tara�, �Siol nan Gaidheal� plus the Tartan Army members from Bonnybridge and Paisley swelling the numbers of participants. We arrived at the castle and gathered at �Wallace gate� to hear speeches from Brendan McCabe and Davie Ross. The castle tourists amazed at so many Scots paying tribute to their Guardian. Wallace took the castle and ransacked it, rather then seeing it being used against his bretheren. We had a minute silence to honour of the great Man and all those who dedicated their lives to the pursuit of Scotland 's Freedom. The silence was broken by Musket fire, delivered by Kenny Borthwick then flowers were laid. We all ascended the steep hill back to Stonehaven church hall for an evening of entertainment and celebrations.

� Gaberlunzie� started the entertainments with their unique blend of story telling and great folk songs. Then� Albannach� took the floor and the place rumbled to the sound o' the pipe and the beat o'the drums. The place fell silent as Jackie sang �Her name is Scotland � at the last note the crowd roared with delight. They truly are an experience not to be missed� Everyone danced to Gaberlunzie and Albannach as they came back on for another set of tunes. What a night, Thanks to Elma, Jim, the boys Singer, Brendan and Anna for making sure everyone had a great night.

Rab and Juliette Cairney

Jim Singer leads the parade as a steward
Brechin Pipe Band lead the way
It was a dreich day in Stonehaven
The rest of the procession
The procession stretches out
SNG had many flags
Nevin barefooted again
Jim Singer chatting up the women again
Descending down to the base of Dunnotar Castle
Kenny Borthwick fire his muskat
Gaberlunzie under the Crann Tara banner
Gordon & Robin were in tremendous form in Stonehaven
The dirks are out
George from Paisley Tartan Army enjoys himself
Something excites the girls
The magnificent Albannach
Just Albannach
The dance floor was well used
Bonnybridge versus Paisley in the TA dance off
The dancers raved to Albannach
Albannach working hard as ever
Is that big Bruce dancing
If you haven't a dirk a whisky bottle will do
We even had Music hall entertainment

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� Crann Tara 2006