Members of Crann Tara had an informal visit to Strathleven Artizans, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Not only was it great to meet Duncan Thomson & Jim Tannock it was great to see all they have achieved about Robert the Bruce around the Renton area.

They have unprecedented knowledge about Robert the Bruce, and it was great to listen to Duncan telling all his fact finding stories and future developments over a cup of coffee in their wee shop in Renton.

Then we were taken to the Bruce Trail and showed the famous Bruce Oak, from this vantage point they told us about the future developments they are involved with and they are quite something. Also as we walked along the trail whilst they explained the geography of the area pointing out numerous places of interest.

After that we went to Levengrove Park in Dumbarton where the sepulture of the embalmed viscera of the body of King Robert the Bruce lies in St Serf's Parish Church, Little Kirkton. Once again we see that there is no sign post to inform you of what lies there. Although in all fairness to the council they have a fence around the ruins of the church and they seem to cut the grass.

We at Crann Tara would once again like to thank both Duncan Thomson and Jim Tannock for the time they spent with us, and the knowledge they passed onto us. Thanks Lads it was a fantastic day out.

Visit Strathlven Artizans web site CLICK HERE

Strathleven Artizans shop window
David & Duncan in conversation
Remnants of the Bruce Oak
Christine explores
Duncan, Jim & David view the plaque
River Leven
Jim looks over the Leven
The ruins of St Serf's Church
The plaque
King Connor I

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